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Length : 9min

Year : 2010

Creation and production : Celia Eid

Music: Sebastien Béranger

Interactive programming : Pierce Warnecke

Set design/sculpture: Gregory Remy/ Louis Chon




«  Dislocations  » is an interactive, audiovisual work for sculpture, piano (live), electro acoustic music and 2D animation.

Two universes thereby meet: the mechanical and acoustic universe (piano), and the digital universe (video and electro acoustic music).

This work is based on the contrast between technological complexity and mankind's simple, playful movements. The pianist has the key to this interaction, though she does not master it. No one does.

During the concert, the pianist will throw luminous balls into a sculpture, mainly a tube made out of iron wires. These balls, thrown randomly, go through the sculpture and create sound. This sound, captured by a microphone, sends signals to a computer and thereby distorts the images of the initial video, for 20 to 30 seconds.

The animation was digitally created, frame by frame. It is abstract, based on a superimposition of layers and on a colour contrast. It is musically structured. The music is based on contrasts and shots. A high-pitched, metallic voice superimpose the piano.

Animation and music are the results of a constant dialogue between the visual artist and the composer. The interactivity of this work was programmed with the help of the MaxMSP software, and depends on three factors: human (the throwing of the luminous balls), algorithmic (the analysis of the sound volume), randomness (the image distortion).



Set up

Randon Variations